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Operational Strategies in Metal and Mining | 5-6 March 2014 | Moscow, Russia

Increasing demand for raw materials has sharpened competition among metal and mining companies souring their profit margins. Number of  acquisitions by leading industry players as well as initiatives for increasing their presence in the international business arena have led to complex operating models, which require optimisation of existing business processes.


Transfer Pricing | 4 October 2013 | Moscow, Russia

 From the 1 December 2013 tax authorities will be entitled to start demanding transfer pricing documentation on the controlled transaction. Without doubt transfer pricing risks are becoming most dangerous factor for the effective tax planning and could significantly affect functioning of the company. Building an effective transfer pricing function within the company becomes a key objective for many businesses in light of fight against erosion of the tax base and implementation of aggressive tax planning schemes.


Mergers & Acquisitions | 9-10 December 2013 | Moscow, Russia

Despite the macro-economic uncertainty, M&A market remains dynamic and according to experts estimates will be increasing in the med-term. Only a small part of M&A transactions reach the desired synergies. Materialization of synergies after completion of the transaction is a major challenge for all participants of M&A market including industrial companies, investment banks and private equity funds.