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Transfer Pricing | 4 October 2013 | Moscow, Russia


From the 1 December 2013 tax authorities will be entitled to start demanding transfer pricing documentation on the controlled transaction. Without doubt transfer pricing risks are becoming most dangerous factor for the effective tax planning and could significantly affect functioning of the company.

Building an effective transfer pricing function within the company becomes a key objective for many businesses in light of fight against erosion of the tax base and implementation of aggressive tax planning schemes.

“Transfer Pricing” conference organised by Regent Capital Communications will bring together leading experts and practitioners in various sectors to share best practices in preparing for the upcoming tax audits on transfer pricing. During the event, representatives of the corporate sector, law firms, regulatory bodies and OECD will address the most current issues and practices related to the forthcoming with the upcoming tax control:


  • Case study on administration of controlled transactions within the company
  • Defining pros and cons of horizontal monitoring agreements: management solutions, case studies and first experience
  • Cooperation between Federal Antimonopoly Services of Russia (FAS) with Federal Tax Service of Russian (FTS) on monitoring transfer pricing compliance
  • Overcoming pricing issues when determining interest rates on loans between related parties
  • Tackling TP risks when dealing with royalties and intangible assets
  • Master Class: Identifying and avoiding aggressive transfer pricing schemes for development of your transfer pricing strategy




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