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«Healthcare Investments» conference has proved itself as a key event of the industry, dedicated to investments in the private healthcare sector, attended by investment community and leading medical operators, private clinic and laboratories.

For the 6th consecutive year, the conference will bring together key industry players including representatives of investment banks, private equity funds, medical operators, private clinics and other market participants to discuss the most pressing issues.

During two-day event, key market players will discuss how the market has changed, what commercial opportunities may appear in the near future, as well as examining existing business models and strategic decisions - all that is absolutely necessary for successful development in the dynamically changing market enviroment.


Topics include:

Defining new ideas and strategic development directions of medical operators and private clinics

Prospective niches and investment opportunities in the private health care market: Investor's perspective

Development of “Patient-Centered” care and personalised medicine

Implementation of IT technologies in medicine as a key success factor for achieving leadership

Decision support systems and artificial intelligence technologies

Telemedicine and E-health: what opportunities arise for medical organisations and investors

Implementation of investment projects in the framework of interaction with the government and public private partnership projects



Here are some of the reasons why you should attend the upcoming event: 

  • Development strategies and experience of market leaders
  • Two days of intense discussions and practical examples of recent transactions
  • Possibilities for expanding business contacts
  • Latest trends and expert assessments
  • Best practices for implementing successful projects


Who will you meet: 

Business: management of private medical companies, partners and directors of investment funds and banks, heads of strategic and investment departments of investment and industrial groups and insurance companies.

Professional intermediaries: tax and financial consultants, law firms, business process optimization consultancies, analytical companies and others.






Инвестиции в здравоохранение V | 25-26 октября 2018





Инвестиции в здравоохранение IV | 30-31 октября 2017





Инвестиции в здравоохранение III | 27-28 октября 2016





Инвестиции в здравоохранение 2 | 29-30 октября 2015





Инвестиции в здравоохранение | 23 июня 2015




Testimonials from the participants of 3rd annual "Healthcare Investments" conference that took place on 27-28 of October 2016 in Moscow:


- Independent Director, Invitro

«Interesting contributions of, indeed, the biggest players in the private medical market in Russia»


- Member of the Board of Directors, Helix

«That was a very interesting conference - thank you very much»


- General Director, LMS Clinic

«The conference has been usefull in terms of case studies of implementation of strategic initiatives presented by the speakers possessing high level of industry expertise. The usefulness and interestingness of these topics and the level of speakers I mark with 5-points out of 5. The conference had ample opportunities for creating new business contacts, incl. - the length of presentations and breaks were well balanced»


- General Director, Academmedical

«I liked everything very much»


- Director, Russia Partners

«Excellent conference: versatile speakers of a very high level, remarkable selection of pressing topics for discussion, interesting discussions on the sidelines»


- Manager OVB, Siemens Finance

«The conference is interesting, useful from the perspective of system and structuring of the real projects in Russia»


- Director of investment projects, Sputnik Investments

«An excellent modern event, a wide range of issues are covered, speakers are representatives of leading companies in the field»


- General Director, DiaLab

«Just as in a previous year, the conference was interesting with lots of exact figures and live interactions. Continue with the same spirit!»


- Project Manager, AFK Sistema

«The agenda of reports was relevant, case studies considered were interesting and useful, acquaintance and communication in an informal atmosphere with colleagues made it possible to assess the general mood of the industry and the optimisation mechanisms in difficult market conditions»


- Medical Director, N Clinic

«Good organisation, many informative and useful reports»


- Head of projects, Unimed

«Very efficient format»




Testimonials from the participants of 2nd annual "Healthcare Investments" conference that took place on 29-30 of October 2015 in Moscow:


- General Director, "DiaLab"

«There were many exact figures and case studies from the experience of colleagues. The conference had a good atmosphere for establishing new business contacts»


-  General Director, "Invitro"

«Everything was top level. Many thanks to the organisers of this conference. Rarely can you meet so many medicine professionals and simply smart people in one place.»


- Financial Director, "Labnet" (Kazakhstan)

«The organisation of the conference was at the high level, interesting speakers, practical nature of the information presented»


- Managing Partner, Russia Partners

«The conference was very useful, covered important topics and attracted a well-balanced audience, both from investors and healthcare professionals side»


- General Director, Group of companies "Mother and Child", Samara

«Value of the conference is based on panel discussions where the topic is all-roundly discussed with the further possibility of direct dialogue with the speakers for clar- ification. There are opportunities to create new business contacts among industry professionals»


- Financial Director, "FORT"

«Great opportunity to make new business contacts»


- Investment Director, Investment Fund "Strategy"

«Very useful event, which provided an opportunity to talk with industry peers and learn latest market trends»


- Vice President for Finance and Investments, "MEDSI"

«Value of the conference is based on panel discussions where the topic is all-roundly discussed with the further possibility of direct dialogue with the speakers for clar- ification. There are opportunities to create new business contacts among industry professionals»




Testimonials from the participants of 1st annual "Healthcare Investments" conference that took place on 23 of June 2015 in Moscow:


- Executive Director, Euromed Group

«Everything was perfect ... great format»


- Deputy Director of the Industry and Services Department of direct investments, Gazprombank

«It has been extremely interesting and useful to hear the views of the current situation on the Russian market of medical services from leading private healthcare operators have the opportunity alive to witness the discussions on the most pressing issues between the participants and guests of the conference. We would like to mention the opportunity to get a first-hand look at detailed market and its prospects on the part of representatives of leading private equity funds, which in addition to the systemic vision of the industry shared specific examples from personal experience, including international»


- Head of Analytical Department, IА «АК&М»

«The conference presented practical experience of the market participants related to the actual transactions. A lot of unique information, which is not available anywhere else»


- Deputy Financial Director, Hemotest Laboratory

«The organisation and conduct of the event at a high level»


- Director, Russia Partners

«It’s very useful exchange of views and opportunity to establish new contacts in the industry»


- Medical Director, INVITRO

«I liked everything, thank you! »


- Consulting Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

«I liked the discussional format of the event which allowed exchange of views»


- Managing Director, Da Vinci Capital

«Your conference was very useful for our fund»


- Director of public and defence sectors department, VTB Bank

«Organised and carried out at a good professional level»


- Expert for healthcare, French Embassy

«In my opinion all the presentations were complementary. It should be noted professional approach to the selection of speakers and relevance of the presentations»


- Senior Associate, Borenius

«High level speakers, well-chosen theme, successful format»



«Healthcare Investments» conference will become a source of truly invaluable information and provide you with practical advice with regards to existing market opportunities of private medical services. 

Take advantage of a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions, best-practice sharing and networking opportunities. The event is a comprehensive platform for facilitating exchange of practical experience and obtaining latest professional business insights during live communication with partners and colleagues. 

Healthcare Investments conference will bring together representatives of leading medical operators, private clinics, investment banks, private equity funds, investment & industrial groups and consulting companies to discuss investment opportunities emerging in the market, new business models and create new partnerships. 


Special delegate fee for clinics, laboratories and diagnostic centers.

For participation, please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.