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Slowdown of global economy and decline in commodity prices create a strong impulse for the transition toward more modern and efficient economy. New economic environment dictate urgent need for optimisation of assets structure, improvement of business management models and implementation of a systematic approache aimed at improving productivity.

The reorganisation of a company is a complex cross-functional project that involves changes in the legal, organisational and financial structure of the company. Many of reorganisation projects fail or do not achieve desired results. Success of the restructuring is largely determined by understanding of goals and objectives of the change, professional team, as well as possession of sufficient knowledge to implement planned changes.

Practical experience of other companies in conducting legal, financial and organisational change is undoubtedly a competitive advantage, which allows to achieve the desired result.

We invite you to explore case studies of the most complex aspects of the reorganisation from representative of business side on:

Financial and operational restructuring: How to implement a successful cost optimisation and improve business efficiency

Practical aspects of the reorganisation: Corporate law and changes in the Civil Code

Ensuring compliance of reorganisation to the latest legislative changes in the field of taxation

How to minimise legal risks associated with the employment relationship with the company reorganisation

Reorganisation of the finance function and development of shared service centre (SSC)

Defining key success factors for optimisation of assets structure and improve business management models


The main purpose of the event is exchange of case studies and practical experience, that will give an impetus to further professional development and the ability to apply learned skills in your professional activities.

JOIN US! 2nd Annual Conference “Corporate Reorganisation” will take place on 20 April 2016 in Moscow and once again will bring together business representatives to share experiences and discuss the most pressing issues in such a complicated process of reorganisation.

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