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27-28 MAY 2015 | MOSCOW, RUSSIA

According to experts and analysts, many industries will face consolidation where larger players with better financial position will be choosing the more promising projects same time getting rid of unprofitable assets. Many companies will have to cut their costs by 30%.

All the above is intended to give impulse to significant number of corporate reorganisation and restructuring in order to meet present challenges. Properly implemented reorganisation can lead to many benefits related to the decrease in operating costs and increase in productivity.

The reorganisation of the company is a fairly complex legal and economic process with a variety of issues related to economic feasibility, succession of assets, rights and liabilities.

"Corporate Reorganisation" conference will bring together representatives of business, legal and consulting companies to exchange experiences and discuss the most pressing issues, including:


Case studies of business reorganisation within latest macroeconomic realities including restrictions on external financing, sanctions and devaluation

What to take into account during reorganisation of finance function in order to bring company to the next level of profitability?

Workshop: Turn around of industrial assets

Corporate law and change the Civil Code: Impact of recent changes on the reorganisation process

Defining current opportunities and prospects for investments in the distressed-assets

Case studies: of complex reorganisation, acquisition with simultaneous divestment


Join us! The event will serve as a platform for valuable information and will provide you with practical advice and guidance on various aspects of the corporate reorganisation and demerger.

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